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Benefits of Air-Cooled Condensing Units

Craft Group

Air-cooled condensing systems offer a variety of advantages. The most noticeable is that these units do not need water to function. You do not need to worry about adding anything or having the condensing media freeze. There is also no limescale buildup on the tubes. It is also typically simple to install and keep clean. They can be employed in outdoor applications.
However, water-cooled condensers do not require fresh air to keep cool and can be designed more compactly. There’s also the noise factor: no fans whirring in the background during the day. You can utilize lower condensing pressures in the machine, which gives you more control over the pressure. Water-cooled chillers fit nicely inside, while the condenser can be located outside in a separate circuit. Some chillers employ a water tower to transfer the heat absorbed by the water to the outside.
We have several chillers to pick from, some with water-cooled condensing units and others with air-cooled condensing units. If you need to acquire any of these chillers, please contact us.

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