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Brake Motor Manufacturer | AC, DC Brake Motor Supplier India

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Brake Motor Manufacturer – Supplier, Exporter of AC Brake Motor, DC Brake Motor and Three Phase Brake Motor available at best prices in Ahmedabad, India.
Voltage and Frequency
Three phase Brake Motor supply volts 415 + 5% Hz + 3% customer request we are also able supply motor in 220, 380 and 460 Volts On Hz 50 or 60 Also.

Shaft & Rotor
Rotor is positive locking with Shaft key joint so that cannot move on high full load Torque Shaft are made by EN-8 or EN-9 material. Rotor are of high pressure E.C. grad aluminum die-cast. Every Rotor is dynamically balanced. It makes motor low complitudes of vibration & noise.

Bearing & Lubrication
Bearing are adequately lubrication with lithium based high temp. up to 150 deg. All the motor are supplied with C3 ball bearing & fully charged with lithium base grease at the time of assembly.

Mounting Type
Foot (B3)
Flange (B5)
Face (B14)
Foot With Flange (B35)
Foot With Face (B34)