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Conical Twin Screw and Barrels Manufacturer

Shreeji Corporation

The Conical Twin Screw and Barrel has two inter-meshing, co-rotating screws that are mounted on top of splined shafts inside a closed barrel. A twin-screw and barrel system helps in transporting, compressing, mixing, shearing, heating, pumping, cooling, etc. A high level of flexibility is also provided by the conical twin-screw and barrel system.

A twin-screw and barrel is simple and easy to clean. It gives better consistency in production and maintains the control of product quality. It also benefits the environment by providing less footprint because of the water and energy savings. An increase in productivity is achieved by using the twin screw and barrel because of the continuous processing, comparatively faster start-up and shut down, and advanced automation.
The material used in the manufacturing of Conical Twin Screw & Barrel is EN41B along with Tungsten Coating. It helps us achieve hardness between 65-68 HRC.
The conical twin screw and barrel that Shreeji Corporation manufactures is nitrided-core treated, has a bi-metal overlay with plasma transferred arc welding and 1.7mm thickness.
Conical twin-screw and barrel system is the best choice for PVC pipes, profiles, sheets, and extrusion foaming products. PE and PP corrugated pipes also use the conical twin-screw and and barrel system.

Product name – Conical Twin Screw & Barrel
Material – EN41B + Tungsten Coated
Surface hardness – 65-68 HRC
Process method – Gas Nitriding + Tungsten Coated

Suitable for PVC pipes, profiles, sheets & extrusion foaming products. Suitable for PE, PP corrugated pipes.