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Fire Incident in Recife Apartment with Maisa Silva

Pedro Henrique Freitas Martins

A fire broke out in an apartment located on the 26th floor of a building on Irmã Lúcia Street, in the North Zone of Recife, causing apprehension among residents and concern on social media regarding actress and presenter Maísa Silva, who was present at the scene at that moment. The TV Globo team recorded the actress, seemingly unharmed, crying in front of the building, accompanied by her friends.

The fire started around 10 a.m. when seven people were inside the apartment. Among them was Maísa Silva, who, according to residents’ accounts, was on the 26th floor of the building when the flames began.

Three friends, including Maísa, managed to leave the property in time. Additionally, a nanny managed to carry a young disabled person, the apartment owner’s child, to safety. However, two other young individuals remained inside the apartment, awaiting the firefighters’ permission to exit as there was fire and smoke in the living room through which they would have to pass.

Around 11:30 a.m., the Mobile Emergency Care Service (Samu) successfully rescued the two young individuals. In a message posted on her social media, Maísa Silva thanked everyone for their kind messages and confirmed that she and her friends were okay.

The Fire Department faced many difficulties in controlling the fire due to the intensity of the flames in the property. Major Serafim, in an interview with TV Globo, explained that the situation was challenging but the team worked tirelessly to ensure everyone’s safety.

According to the major, the two young individuals who were trapped in the apartment were fine when rescued, but as a precaution, both were taken to a hospital.

“They sought refuge in the last room, the farthest one from the flames, which helped them survive. They were delivered to the Samu team conscious and awake,” said the major.

The building’s condo manager, Luís, reported in an interview that the fire was allegedly caused by a short circuit in the air conditioning unit in one of the rooms. The apartment had a central living room and rooms on the sides, and those who were on the opposite side managed to evacuate quickly. The fire was visible from other areas of the city.