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Hire VoIP Developers for your Business – Vindaloo Softtech

Vindaloo Softtech Pvt. Ltd.

The recent pandemic forces businesses to adopt the remote working model and allows them to tap into a more comprehensive resource pool for project execution. Observing the demand for dedicated VoIP developers for building custom enterprise-grade VoIP solutions for businesses, Vindaloo Softtech announced the launch of “Hire VoIP developer services”. Vindaloo Softtech is a VoIP development company known for its innovative solutions and services and houses several capable and expert VoIP developers. The company has been offering expert VoIP development services to its customers for many years, and now it has decided to meet the need for dedicated VoIP developers.

“Our team of expert VoIP developers has provided VoIP development services to our customers for 6+ years. Our customers are delighted with our VoIP development services. However, sometimes we receive requests from customers that they would like to hire VoIP programmers for their VoIP development projects. So we launched the “Hire VoIP developer” service as the demand rose. Now anyone can hire an experienced VoIP developer for their VoIP Development projects on flexible pricing plans”, shared a spokesperson of Vindaloo Softtech.

According to the details about the model, customers can hire VoIP developers with in-depth knowledge and experience in all popular VoIP technologies. This hiring model is perfect for VoIP development projects that use different VoIP technologies to develop the final product. On the other hand, if a business needs an expert in a specific VoIP technology, it can hire an expert in the respective technology. For example, if the whole VoIP development project is on Asterisk or FreeSWITCH, the business can hire a dedicated Asterisk developer or a FreeSWITCH developer from Vindaloo Softtech. Furthermore, the model is flexible enough to allow customers to hire more than one VoIP developer for as long as they want. The benefits of hiring remote VoIP developers surely outweigh the costs.

Currently, the company has the resource pool for its customers to hire a dedicated developer in any of the following disciplines:

Asterisk Developers
FreeSWITCH Developers
Kamailio or Opensips Developers
Talking about the hiring model, the company has three different augmented team hiring models to let its customers hire developers.

1. Full time

The company lets its customers hire VoIP experts for 160 hours per month. The hired developer works exclusively on client projects full-time.

2. Part-time

In this model, the customers of Vindaloo Softtech can hire VoIP software developers for 80 hours per month. It means the hired VoIP developer will work for 4 hours per day on the VoIP development project of that customer.

3. Hourly

In this model, Vindaloo Softtech lets its customers hire VoIP developers for a predefined number of hours. The customers of this VoIP development company can hire one or more developers for a specific number of hours which can be used within a week or a month based on that customer’s requirement. This model is focused on VoIP service providers who may need expert-grade VoIP experts to achieve short-term goals or unforeseen needs.

The company’s spokesperson has shared that the hired VoIP developer will perform all required operations for the client, such as development, customization, bug fixing, support, etc. The company has launched a web page under the ‘Hire Dedicated Resources’ section to answer all the queries that may raise the customer’s mind. The webpage contains all the required information related to the company’s services. Get in touch with us!

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