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How Can you Prevent or Tackle Hair Loss.- Choppers Barbers

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Hair loss is a very common problem among men around their mid-30s.
It is a cause of insecurity and depression in many. While there are some men that embrace the change and go full bald;
there are others that seek out tips and treatments to prevent or slow down hair loss.
Male-pattern baldness could be genetic and doesn’t have a guaranteed cure,
but there are some ways in which you can slow down hair loss and even regrow the lost hair if treated at an early stage.
Choppers barbers in Dublin have hair experts who can guide you through this whole hair loss treatment.

If your barber has noticed thinning of your hair in certain areas and mentions it to you while a haircut, do not get offended.
It is a warning sign that you need to take action. You can also reconsider your regular haircut and go in for a new look to cover your scanty hair areas.

Male pattern baldness is also known as androgenetic alopecia and a combination of genetics and hormones causes it.
Dihydrotestosterone (DHT), the hormone responsible for giving men their deeper voices, body hair and muscle mass, is also the one responsible for male pattern baldness.
It is because of DHT that hair follicles shrink and makes it difficult for hair to grow.

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