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Process of Keratin Treatment
– Your hair is first washed thoroughly
– Hairs are split in different sections and keratin (in the form of serum) is applied to every strand.
– To activate the Keratin, hairs are made to undergo a heat treatment via a steam machine. This step can take upto 20-40 minutes depending on the hair texture. If you have curly hair then instead of steam, a blow dry might be done for quicker and lasting absorption of keratin.
– Hairs are washed again to rinse of keratin.
– Hairs are dried and straightened to complete the process.

Duration of keratin process
Keratin treatment requires a couple of sittings, with each being 2- hour long depending on the type and length of hair.

How long does karatin last?
The longevity of keratin treatment depends on your hair texture and how religiously you follow the after-care routines.

keratin treatment in kolkata
keratin treatment
What are the perks of keratin treatment?
– Zero frizz
– your hair is more mangeable now.
– The treatment adds lustre to your dull hair.
– You save a lot of time in styling your hair.
– It takes less time to be done compared with other treatments like rebonding.
– Easy hairstyling.

What are the cons of keratin treatment?
– If your hair lacks volume, the treatment is going to flatten it further.
– Does not last for more than months.
– If you have long hair, the treatment can get expensive.
– Needs a special care to be taken post treatment which are mentioned in below post keratin rituals.
– You cannot use tight hair bands or accessories as that can affect the treatment layer on your hair.
– Not recommended for straight hair.