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Non-Skid Shoe Covers with Stitched Sole| Anti Skid Shoe Cover

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non skid polypropylene shoe covers are made of thick non-woven polypropylene material commonly used in a clean environment. non-woven microporous, and a sole designed using a textured, polyurethane material for added grip these shoe covers are ideal for use in pharmaceutical and cleanroom environments.

ESD (Electrostatic Discharge) gloves are special gloves that are designed to prevent or minimize the buildup of static electricity on a person’s hands, which can cause damage to sensitive electronic components.

ESD gloves are made from materials that have a high level of electrical conductivity, which allows static electricity to flow through them and dissipate safely. These materials may include carbon, copper, or other conductive materials. ESD gloves can also be made from natural materials such as latex, nitrile, or vinyl, which have been treated with an anti-static coating.

ESD gloves are commonly used in electronics manufacturing, where the assembly and handling of sensitive electronic components require protection against electrostatic discharge. ESD gloves are also used in other industries where static electricity can be a hazard, such as the chemical and pharmaceutical industries.

It is important to note that ESD gloves are only one part of a larger system of measures designed to prevent electrostatic discharge. Other measures may include ESD wrist straps, ESD mats, and other ESD-safe equipment and procedures.

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