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Panchgavya Nasya | Medicine for Migraine,Sinus ,Good sleep | Brain power supplement

Anjney Panchgavyam

Anjney Panchgavyam India has referred to several scriptures/Vedas and has made Panchgavya Nasya with all the 5 gavyas with the formulation described in our scriptures. The Nasya is made with modern technology without human touch and served in the most convenient packaging. The Panchgavya Nasya. The Nasya consists of the “Sattva” portion of the Indian breed GAU which is mixed with all the other gavyas that act as a lubricant for your Central nervous system and will be the Right chemistry for your brain and senses. The Nasya is effective against Viral infections, Asthma, migraines, Sinus, Snoring, and Irregular sleep cycles.

Anjney Panchgavyam India