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Runma Injection Molding Robotic Arm Co., Ltd

Jeawin Huang

As knowledgeable factory robot arm manufacturer, Runma Molding Robotic Arm Co., Ltd. supplies injection molding robotic together with Take Out Robotic Arm, Decide & Place Linear Robotic, CNC Machining Cartesian Robotic, 1-, 2-, 3-, 5-axis robots in addition to High Entry Robotic, Facet Entry Robotic, Plastic Cutlery Packaging System for Labeling and package deal service. Runma Molding Robotic Arm Co., Ltd. does particularly effectively in innovation in bettering productiveness. Our merchandise get pleasure from fame for prime quality management system.

Up until now,Runma robotic firm carried out many companies and spreaded robotic machines to over 15 international locations worldwide.Runma robotic firm nonetheless continues our efforts to supply our clients top of the range robotic.Contact us for in-depth cooperation.