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Spray Dryer Manufacture in India | Sahiba Fabricators

Sahiba Fabricator

Sahiba Fabricators operates with a customer-first business model, emphasizing the establishment of profound client relationships grounded in transparency, compliance, integrity, and mutual benefit. Our unwavering commitment to the quality of our products and ensuring client satisfaction positions us as the premier Spray Dryer Manufacturer in India.The pivotal role of a spray dryer in a powder plant is highlighted during the process, where it efficiently eliminates excess water present in free form between particles of dry solids. Dried powder particles, along with moisture-laden exhaust air from the drying chamber, undergo processing through cyclone separators.

The integration of multiple effect evaporators, a spray dryer with a fines re-circulation system, and the utilization of a ‘Fluid Bed’ results in the production of a powder with outstanding solubility, commonly known as instant powder.

Operating temperatures for the spray dryer are maintained at 170-210 °C for whole milk powder and 170-230 °C for skim milk powder.

In a two-stage drying process, primary drying occurs up to 4-12% above the final moisture content, with excess moisture evaporated in a fluid bed.

Advantages of Sahiba Fabricators’ Dryer include:

Flexibility in controlling powder quality and the production of instant powder.
Negligible deposition of powder in the chamber.
Energy-saving design.
Reduced need for manpower to handle the entire system.
Designed for efficient Clean-in-Place (CIP) procedures.
Our dryer and evaporators are engineered for maximum capacity and capable of delivering optimal performance at 100%.

Sahiba Fabricator