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The One BIG Thing Freelancers Forget In Their Sales Conversations

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When you first start pitching a prospect it usually goes a little something like:


“Tell me about your business”

“What are your goals?”

“What are you looking for help with?”


Those questions don’t attract that person to you. It just gives information.


There is one vital aspect that most people forget to include… but it can make a world of difference between victory and defeat!


So today we’re onto step 2 of the Sales V.I.C.T.O.R.Y. Method. Be sure to check out Step 1 (V- Be well-Versed) in case you missed it.


V – Be well VERSED.

I – INTIMACY & relevancy.

C – CHOOSE your thoughts.

T – TRIAL close to build trust.

O – OBSERVE to cover objections.

R – Get your no REPS in.

Y – YOU are the secret ingredient.


So, what do most freelancers miss out on in their sales conversations?




Intimacy + Relevancy = Victory


We know that our clients have a problem they’re trying to solve.

We know that we have a solution.

So we know that our offer is relevant to them…


…But the thing that most people skip is intimacy.


Scott Oldford defines intimacy as creating real relationships by telling your story.


When you focus on genuinely helping real human beings, intimacy and strong relationships are a natural result. This happens when you focus on: connection, conversation, and community.


“The people you serve crave a real connection with a real person.” Scott Oldford


In a sales conversation, that means you ask enough deep questions to really understand them and make an honest recommendation for their business that will serve them.


Ask Deeper Questions

When was the last time you spent some time really connecting with a potential client?


I’m talking about taking a moment to step outside of the casual “shop-talk” and ask deep questions that let you truly see into that person’s life, or even spend time listening to their story.


Those are the important moments.


(and they’ll also place your services above the rest!)


When you ask questions like:


“What are you passionate about?”

“What keeps you up at night?”


“Besides for the money, why do you want to hit 2 Comma Club?”

You start directing the conversation in a way that makes them feel heard and valued.


Get To Know The Prospect

Direct conversations aren’t the only way you can get a deeper understanding of someone either.


We live in a world of technology, which has given us a whole different way to peer into someone’s life, naturally making intimacy skyrocket.