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Wearable Injectors Market by Type (On-body injectors, Off-body injectors)

Akshay kadam

On the basis of Type, wearable injectors market is sub-segmented into on-body injectors, off-body injectors. The on-body injectors segment accounted for a largest share during the forecast period. Benefits from on-body injectors include decreased healthcare costs (decrease number of visits to hospitals), lifecycle management (intravenous to subcutaneous), changes in dosage frequency, flexible dosing, and automatic warming of refrigerated drug. The off-body injectors segment estimated to grow at the highest CAGR during the forecast period. The drawbacks associated with on-body wearable injectors, such as painful removal, skin sensitivity issues and irritation, and adhesive fitting issues have resulted in the increased adoption of off-body injectors.

Exactitude Consultancy