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What are Monoblock Refrigeration Systems?

Craft Group

Monoblock refrigeration systems consist of a condensing unit and an evaporating unit that is built together.

The refrigeration cycle of any refrigeration equipment or system includes multiple steps: compression, condensation, expansion, and evaporation. This refrigeration cycle can be done in split systems, where the condenser is created by one unit and the evaporator by another, which requires plumbing in the installation, or in a compact system, such as monoblocks.

Advantages of installing a monoblock.
The installation of a monoblock unit has the following advantages:

They are available in R-290, a highly energy-efficient natural refrigerant.

It requires less installation time as it is a single unit and does not require the installation of refrigerant or water lines for the installation.

It does not need a machine room, as it is installed in the same location as the cold room.
They require minimum maintenance and a reduced refrigerant charge.

They are Plug & Play installation equipment, tested and charged in the factory, ready to install.

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